Finally managed to pick up the barefooting movie Soul this past weekend.  Gotta say, I liked it, I liked it a lot.

First off, the camera work is very slick.  They have lots of good views of the tricks and the cameras look like they are right in the face of the footers.  Next, the footing is phenomenal.  They’ve got Scarpa, Small, MacDonald and Stokes.  Finally, they’ve got some good music backing all of the action on the screen.  I recognized pretty much every song they used and they made good choices.

You can tell that for some of the shots, they really put some thought into both the trick and how they were going to capture it on video.  Then there was one trick that made me back the video up to watch it again.  It made me go WOW!  They do a barefoot whip up.  And they nail it.  There are show ski teams that have trouble doing a whip up with jumpers.  Be sure to watch the first extra on the DVD because that shows them planning the trick.

Even with all of the sick tricks they show, they have shots of tumble turns being done that really let you see what you need to do.  Simply slide the handle at your waist from the center, to one side, to the other and back.

Want your own copy?  Make your way over to Lake Elmo Sports, they’ve got it in stock.

Here’s the trailer

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