Making Back Deeps a Bit More Difficult

Many people would say that a back deep is difficult.  Granted, there are some really good footers that make them look really easy, but to the untrained eye, doing anything on the water without skis is difficult.  Hell, a lot of people think skiing is difficult.

But I digress.  The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts, the same people that first publized the Back Breaker, have something new to show the world.  OK, maybe it’s not new, but they did make a pretty standard trick a hell of lot more complicated.

Here’s the trick… have somebody do a back deep and have them carrying someone piggy back.

Without further commentary, here’s the video.

Back Barefoot Piggy Back

Not sure on the practicallity of this trick, but it’s looks cool.  Props to the Thorson’s for making it look easy.

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