Willie Farrel Stands Alone

Here’s a video from SacFooter Productions of Willie Farrel doing some “winter” barefooting… California Winter Barefooting to be exact.  (I have a hard time calling in winter footing when it’s bright and sunny with no snow on the ground*.)

Anyways, the video is of Willie on Jan 11, 2009 at the Port of Sacramento, probably getting some last minute training in for Worlds.  You’ll see some front and back barefoot slalom and some tumbles as does som training in his dry suit.  Good luck at Worlds Willie!

Willie Farrel – Stands Alone

*Here are some links that show winter barefooting.  This one has a story about real winter footing and this one has a video of it.  Real winter footing involves being worried about hitting ice during your footing runs.

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