Day 1 Slalom Results, Day 2 Pictures

A website has been found that is posting results from Worlds.  Sounds like it’s being done by someone on or affiliated with the Great Britain Barefoot Team.  Here’s the link.

You can view slalom results from Day 1 by following this link.  They’ve got the Top 5 for Mens & Womens Open listed and a bunch of videos.

In the Mens, KSO leads by hair over Small.  Stokes thinks that since Small was right with KSO on slalom, he might be able to win the overall championship now.  I guess we’ll all need to wait and see.

In the Womens, the Hellar girls are both in the top 5.  Elaine in 3rd and Shannon in 5th.

Meanwhile, over at, they have Day 2 Pictures going online.

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