Through the Eyes of a Footer

Courtesy of the Freeman Funk Footers and via Barefoot Ski Dot Com comes a video of some barefooters that decided to break the ice… literally. What’s unique about this video is that it is shot from what I must assume to be a helmet-cam. It takes a little while for the footing to start because they need to push the jet ski out into the water over the ice, but for those of you haven’t seen what a barefoot deepwater start looks like first hand, here’s your chance. You’ll also get to here the comments that come up while barefooting in bone chilling water.

Cold Water Footing 1st Person Perspective

I couldn’t find a website for the Freeman Funk Footers, but did find this t-shirt that gives their top 5 excuses for why they didn’t make it…

  1. Forgot to cinch my straps
  2. Had to poop
  3. Bolt in the Clinchers
  4. Boat Driver
  5. Train Wreck
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One Response to Through the Eyes of a Footer

  1. areamike says:

    Hey wedge. That’s me in the video. That was one cold day. The camera is a GoPro video camera with Chest mount.
    I’ve got more videos on my youtube channel. We went yesterday and the ice is now all melted but the water is still bone chillingly cold.
    My youtube channel:
    GoPro Camera:

    P.S. The Freeman Footers don’t really have a site. We use And yep, you found the t-shirts I made up.

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