LA Night Jam III

I know it’s not a barefooting event, but it is a water skiing event done right. Big crowd, great atmosphere, awesome jumping. That’s a recipe for success. I personally haven’t made it down to the event yet, but a good friend made the trip and was definitely impressed. So even though its not footing, I’ll still be a tiny little promoter for it because it is that cool. Watch the promo…

LA Night Jam Promo Video

You’ll get to see some jumping like this…

Freddy Krueger Jump Final 2008

It’s not just the guys that get to fly through the night sky…

Natalia Berdnikava

And even the athletes love the atmosphere…

Freddy Krueger Victory Speech

So if you happen to be in the Tri Lakes, Zachary, Louisiana area come Saturday, June 5, make the effort to attend the Night Jam, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. ODBF says:

    Solid vids.

    Ill steal them soon.



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